Lost Vacation Days

Americans Are Still Terrible at Taking Vacations

Americans Waste Record-Setting 658 Million Vacation Days

Unused Vacation Time at 40 year high in America All at personal costs to health and well-being and their pocketbook!

According to Forbes, U. S. Travel Association and others, Americans leave more vacation time on the table than anywhere else. This has rippling effects. Like an estimated loss to the U.S. Economy of up to $236 Billion annually, or more. According to Project Time Off. employees also fare worse.

 The study shows that those who forfeit vacations are more stressed and less productive than those that use their time to relax, rest up, be with family etc. Moreover, those who are less stressed and more productive receive promotions and raises at higher rates than those who skip time off.

Fear of piled up work and no one being able to do their job that top the list of reasons why people don’t use their vacation days may be unfounded and exaggerated. Most managers agree that vacations improve health and well-being (82% of those interviewed), boosts morale (82%) and alleviates burnout (81%).

Maybe costs are a major concern for you. If so, we have an option for you: